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Everything you need to become superhuman

Grounding Mat (10X blood flow + great health & energy benefits)

grounding sheet 1 person
1 Person Grounding Bed Sheet
2 Person Grounding Bedsheet
queen size
Grounding Bedsheet High End (QueenSize)
king size
Grounding Bedsheet High End (KingSize)
g mat m
Grounding Mat (M)
grounding mat feet only
Grounding Mat Feet Only
small grounding mat
Grounding Mat (S)
the effects of grounding
The Effects of Grounding

Shakti Mat (deep relaxation and improved blood flow)

shakti mat
Shakti Mat

Water Energizer (really cool & amazing healing properties for every pain)

infopathy water pad
Water Pad
2 liter glass pitcher
2L Glass Pitcher (needed for water pad)

Copper Cups (make red blood cells, gene activation, more energy, etc.)

copper bottle
Copper Water Bottle
copper cups
Copper Cups
copper mugs
Copper Mugs
the effects of copper
The Effects of Copper
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