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Did you know that the story of Adam and Eve isn’t even about two human beings? They taught us that Adam was a man and Eve was a woman.

When early humans were recording their divine revelations, they assumed that our ancestors in the beginning of life began with people like themselves. But our earliest and true ancestors were Atoms. In the Bible it explains that Eve came from Adam’s rib. 

But Adam started off as a neutron and went through a process called beta decay. And Eve came from Adam’s rib.

When Eve was separated from Adam, that atom became the universe’s first hydrogen atom which is the first element on the periodic table.

As we know from the creation story, Eve was working out on the fields far away from proton atom. Then something tempts her to absorb the forbidden fruit, or shall we say the forbidden particle. This got Eve, the electron volt, very excited that it physically removed itself from the nucleus.

This process got the nucleus in its naked state and that hydrogen became H+ the acidic hydrogen. And the hydrogen experienced that it’s very uncomfortable to be in a naked state.

So in order to cover itself, it had to create more energy shells. As you can see, there is one inner energy shell, and one outer energy shell. 

And with that process repeating itself, the other elements from the periodic table were created.

Perception has created so many stories and in this case religions, which is so beautiful because they learn from a story, but everything stems down to quantum physics. But perception and these stories is what makes everything come to life.

Give this article an honest rating and let me know your opinion on the Bible and its hidden science!

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1 year ago

I’ve heard about it somewhere and tried to google it, but now I finally found it on this site!

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