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Ancient Consciousness

There was a time, long ago, when humans existed at a very high level of consciousness. We were interdimensional and were very psychic.

We communicated through thoughts and emotion, much like how animals do, rather than speaking or writing which would seem very primitive. 

We lived primarily on a large string of islands called Lemuria, but there was a consciousness shift. We moved up in consciousness and the islands of Lemuria sank beneath the oceans. At the time of this shift, a new continent rose out of the waters. We called it Atlantis.

After the sinking of Lemuria and the rising of Atlantis, at first the human race became scattered. We moved to various islands and continents all over the world because we didn’t have a home… Yet. 

We didn’t know where to go. At that time there were about 1000 humans at a very high consciousness more than all of the rest. They were called the Naacals, today we know them as ascended masters.  The Naacals began preparing Atlantis to be our new home.

They projected their energies across the surface of the continent in the form of the tree of life, not with 10 circles, but with 12. An extra on top and on the bottom in the water. Suddenly, in a single day, the Naacals breathed life into the tree of life. Millions of people began to be pulled to Atlantis and settled there.

Because we were right brained, some of our centers weren’t working yet. Only eight out of ten were working, so all of the population moved to 8 circles in Atlantis. Although the population had filled only eight of the vortex areas, Mayan records state clearly that there were 10 cities in Atlantis when it fell. They also describe in detail the sinking of Atlantis. You can find these records in the Troano document, which is located in the British museum.

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1 year ago

How do birds know who is at the front when they’re flying? I think that’s telepathy

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