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(*This is for educational purposes only*)

DMT is produced in your brain by your pineal gland, also known as your third eye. DMT is produced twice in your life in high dosages in your brain, when you’re born, and when you die. Researchers also believe that when you’re dreaming, DMT is made in smaller dosages. That means, that when you take DMT, you actually get to know how it feels like to be born or to die. By meditating, you can also stimulate the production of DMT. Did you know that the red dot, Indians have on their forehead represents their third eye? Even the Egyptians who existed so many thousands of years ago knew about the third eye.

The Egyptians were clearly more advanced and had a higher consciousness. Nowadays our pineal gland gets calcified which leads to a lowered function of our third eye. Fluoride from water and toothpaste for example as well as pesticides are things that decalcify our pineal gland.

Dmt, or dimethyltryptamine, a simple compound found throughout nature which has profound effects on human consciousness. It is the most powerful psychedelic drug and it’s found in every single animal, plant, grass and human. It’s the craziest drug to be illegal because we all have some of it in ourselves. It is really intense, if you do it you will talk to intelligent beings from other dimensions for real. I know it’s sounds crazy and it’s amazing that people don’t know about it. We as humans love crazy experiences like climbing mountains or go rafting, but there is a little white powder and if you smoke it, it will change the way you look at EVERYTHING. You wouldn’t even care about UFOs landing on our planet, because DMT is a hundred times crazier than that. It’s like mushrooms times a million plus aliens. It’s crazier than you could possibly imagine or describe, if you take DMT you will communicate with something. All people that have taken DMT reported that they have gotten a message after taking it. Some say it’s our creator we communicated with, or just some interdimensional beings. It’s like having a meeting with god, or divine unbelievably wise, incredibly loving energy, whatever it is, it feels like the source of everything. It leaves you so humbled, that after it’s over, it’s like you’re still you, you still look like you, you still wear the same clothes, but you’re not really you anymore. You literally have been changed, you have experienced something that very few humans have experienced. And the thought to me that people can go through their entire lives and not know about this is incredible waste of time. Your live could be so much more positive and so much more interesting and fascinating, you would be so much more humble and aware of what you really are and where you really stand if you just have this experience. The crazy thing is, you can get alcohol everywhere. How many times you talk to someone and they say I don’t do drugs while their smoking a cigarette, or drinking caffeine. Caffeine is a sanctioned drug because it’s great for capitalism, it keeps you going, it keeps you working. But there’s drugs out there that are actually good for you and your mind. When taking psychedelics you could really learn a lot about yourself because it removes you and your ego from the equation. You get to look at things from like a newborn’s perspective. Don’t do anything like coke or meth, anything dangerous and addictive. Let’s say you take DMT you’re “high”, you go to that dimension, it blows out and then 15 minutes later you’re back normal. It is just like dreams, you know when you wake up and you’re like “I had the craziest dream you explain it in detail and after five minutes later you totally forget your dream. That’s exactly what a DMT trip is like.

I really recommend watching this video, it wil give you a better understanding of DMT and our universe.

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