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You must understand that the foods you eat have the power to affect your thoughts. When you choose to eat dead carcass like red meat, poultry, swine, fish, and dairy you’re consuming foods that have been enslaved, suffering and slaughtered. Why would you consume death if you want to live? Then you wonder why you’re depressed, angry and have a low self-esteem. But it’s not because you attract that energy, but it’s because you became that energy. The phrase you are what you eat wasn’t just placed into our language, but it actually holds truth, because “energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred” – Albert Einstein. So you eat an animal that was depressed, irritable and always in a state of struggle and that energy gets transferred to you. This is called horizontal gene transfer. Know what you’re consuming.


What if I told you that a fruit can cure you from cancer, would you believe me? Ultimately, all medicines originate from plants, so why not try eating the plant instead of eating the plant with toxic, addictive chemicals? A cancer treatment costs from $42,000 to 1 million! Why would they tell you which fruit you could eat to treat that if they can make tons of money on cancer treatments? It’s a fruit called guanabana or soursop. It is 10 thousand times more effective than chemotherapy, which really isn’t doing anything but treating you with radiation, and radiation causes cancer, so why would you get treated with radiation if you have cancer? Soursop cures cancer, anemia and diabetes. 

This is going to heal cancer, boost your immune system, help fight infections, great for skin health, respiratory health, helps fight inflammation in your body and also improves your energy serve. If you never had soursop before, you should definitely get your hands on some soursop. It is often added to my tea, and if I can find the fresh fruit, I will apply it to my skin because of its anti-aging properties.

Guanabana fresh fruit

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Guanabana leaves

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1 year ago

Yeah, they don’t want us to be cured with plants, that’s against the system

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