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Real life cheat codes

Life is nothing more than a video game to be beaten with cheat codes

You could play life with cheat codes because good or bad do not exist. I’m not telling you to do this, but I’m telling you because it happened to me. There’s an experienced group that in one night stole everything from me. My phone, wallet, speaker and bag. I went to the police to file a report, but they didn’t do anything. I knew his name and told him that and they just told me that they can’t do anything with a name. That’s when I realized you could play this game with cheat codes. You could literally steal phones and basically never get caught. And who determines that taking electronic devices from another living being is bad?

The different cheat codes

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1 year ago

Life is certainly a game. There are certain rules of the game, such as values ​​and respect, and by that I don’t mean the rules that someone makes. Anyone who breaks these rules will sooner or later be kicked out of the game.

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