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The Paradoxical Nature of Reality

Don’t read this if you’re scared of having an existential crisis

The most fundamental truths of reality seem to be paradoxical

  • Everything always changes, yet nothing ever changes.
  • Evil both does and does not exist, and the same goes for time, space, and matter.
  • Everything is meaningful and simultaneously meaningless.
  • Everything we experience both is and is not real, depending on how you look at it.
  • We are individuals, each with our own will, yet we are one.
  • Separation is an illusion, yet illusions are the only real thing that exists.
  • We have free will, yet everything is predetermined because we perceive our individual wills to be separate from the will of the one creator. Yet in truth, they are not.
  • Reality does not exist beyond perception, yet somehow all perceptions of reality are false, or at least very lacking.
  • Some actions are in conflict with free will, the law of one, and the natural order, yet all serve the one infinite creator as there is no other option.
  • Darkness can only exist where there is no light, yet darkness is an illusion created by light.
  • The creator is everything and simultaneously nothing, it perceives everything, yet there exists nothing outside itself to be perceived. And it doesn’t perceive itself either, because in its purest form, or highest level of awareness, source is a void, without any perceivable qualities.
  • Ego is a lack of understanding of the unified nature of source consciousness, yet for all intents and purposes, without ego there would be nothing to understand.
  • So the highest level of awareness is a complete lack of awareness, as there is nothing to be aware of.

And thus we reached the conclusion that we, as humans, should not attempt to fully understand reality. We should simply enjoy this incomprehensible ride for as long as it lasts, which is forever, which simultaneously takes place over the course of zero time…

Everything is perspective, you should not take things so seriously. You choose how you want your life to be because you choose which perspective you are watching reality from. If everything is an illusion, maybe we are just a brain in a jar, hallucinating this reality.

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1 year ago

Reading this really relaxes me, nice articles

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