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Life Changing Breathwork

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Inhale relaxed for 5 seconds, and exhale slowly for 8 seconds. Continuing to do this can literally heal your body. I know you’ve been breathing your whole life, but most people aren’t breathing right.

So even though breathing is an automatic function of the body, just like your heartbeat and your digestion, it’s one that you can take control of. And when you take control of the breath, you can tap in and hack into your nervous system.

So in your nervous system you have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. Sympathetic is your fight or flight, your stress response. So if you need to run away from a predator, you can get out. But the problem is we live in an extremely stressfilled environment now. When you just get a text from your boss, you’re stressed out. So most people are stuck in fight or flight and prolonged state of stress create disease in the body. 

As you breathe slowly and rhythmically, knowing that your lungs are wrapped around your heart, you are changing the rate at which your heart beats.

Then it sends signals up to the brain saying “hey we feel good, we’re not stressed out anymore.” So you can get out of that fight or flight now, and move into rest and digest, relax and repair.

So now you’re changing the chemicals that your brain is being flooded with instead of extended amounts of Cortisol, now you’re being flooded with oxytocin and dopamine.

All these feel good hormones are flooding into your body. You have increased oxygen moving through you, so now you got less inflammation, now you’re digesting better. The gut produces 50% of dopamine and 95% of serotonin! Those are your ‘feel happy’ hormones! So when you digest better, you will feel better.

And in these prolonged states of rest and peace, you’re activating new genes that take away disease and activate your creativity. All of your powers are already in your genes, you just have to unlock them. Let’s say you have been eating only McDonald’s burgers for a year, and now you switched to eating extremely healthy. Your performance and thinking will improve, but those genes of excellence have always been in you; you just hadn’t activated them! So that’s just one little piece on how breathwork can literally heal your body and shift your entire life.

Pure oxygen can also allow you to shift rapidly into those superhuman genes. The more oxygen I breathe, the stronger my muscles become, the more stamina I have, and the more quickly I can think because my brain gets more oxygen. There’s 21% oxygen in our atmosphere, yet you can inhale pure oxygen, which will give you insane benefits. You can buy it here as well.

Pure Oxygen

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The Breath of life

Here is another, even better technique I’d like to cover. If you want to never have a bad day again, do this little exercise. It takes only a minute of your time! This breathwork exercise is called the breath of life. Almost instantly after doing this, nothing can piss you off. 

It is just three breaths: 

  • Inhale for 7 seconds, feel your ‘breath’ moving upwards from the root chakra to the crown.
  • Then hold at the crown for 3 seconds.

  • And then exhale through the nose, but imagine the breath going back into the heart.

You do this three times before saying a very specific affirmation. Now, you can say whatever you want, depending on the moment or what you need. I honor myself. I love myself, I value myself. Another, more specific example is: “I allow myself to learn from this.” Now you’re in your peaceful rest and digest state. 

Let me know what you think about this breathwork technique down below!

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