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95% of your brain is unconscious, remember that. One of the most effective tricks to manifesting is:
During the day, let’s suppose you want to drink water. Just say: “How nice would it be to drink water.”, and then drink water as you wanted to. After that, say: “Everything I want comes true”. You should say these phrases before and after any action. With this habit, you are programming your subconscious to make all your dreams come true.

The universe doesn’t give you what you want. The universe gives you who you are. People misunderstand that.

They think the law of attraction is being obsessed with what you want. But no, if you want something, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. Wanting something is desire, and desire is a low vibrational frequency. As you can see here on this photo, desire is just above fear.  

The universe will reflect to you what you are. That’s the Law of resonance. Resonance! So you got to become that which you seek to be. Now, Lofty questions work because it’s actually getting you there. 

So when you ask a question such as, why do I have the fit muscular body of an athlete? You’re tricking your subconscious by shifting your identity, and you will find that the universe will start to reflect that.
If you ask yourself the question, why am I so kind and compassionate to everyone around me? Or why do I only eat healthy foods? Or why am I so brilliant at being an entrepreneur? You’re shifting your identity at a fundamental level, almost like self hypnosis, and the universe will start to reflect that, and your life will start accelerating and changing at a really rapid pace. This is actually the most effective manifesting technique I know. 

But if you sit down, and you keep hoping and hoping and focus your mind on one thing over and over again, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get that. Because the universe doesn’t give you what you want or what you crave. It gives you which energy you are.

If those things aren’t manifesting, it’s not because you’re not the vibration of the attraction, it’s that you are blocking them from coming – you’re stopping the vibration from bringing it to you with negative and fear based beliefs. Mostly the only issue is to learn to stop blocking what you’re attracting.

There is no such thing as high vibrational and low vibrational in the way that you guys talk about it. When most of you guys think of low vibration and high vibration, you think of it as like legit what it sounds like.You have to go really high to receive any of your manifestations. And if you feel any kind of lowness, then like a negative emotion, then you’re not going to get it.” And that’s not true because that’s not what it means.

The following things you’re about to read are one of the keys to manifesting what you want. 

So it is possible to be high vibrational all the time. For example, when you were a kid, and you were excited about going on a field trip, your birthday, hanging out with your best friend or whatever else, you would get this rush of energy to the point that you can’t sleep, or you can’t stop moving. You’re just so excited. 

Well, as you get older, you get put in a lot of situations where for some reason people perceive adulthood as lack of fun, lack of joy. So when you get this rush of energy because you’re no longer connected to that inner child of yours, you start to think negative thoughts. You don’t know how to react to your emotions. So you’re like,Oh, the fact that I don’t know why I’m feeling this rush of energy, something bad must be happening.” And then what do we call that? Anxiety! Did you know anxiety and excitement are the same feeling and the only difference is your mindset! 

When you feel a rush of energy, and you have positive expectations, it’s excitement. When you feel a rush of energy, and you have a negative expectation, it’s anxiety. 

Excitement, yes, is considered a high vibration. Anxiety is considered a low vibration. But what you guys are not understanding is that they’re both equal vibrations, just on two different sides of the coin. So when I say it’s possible to be high vibrational all the time, is that you have to understand your emotions and then use your mindset to shift it in the direction you will want to go. We are all capable of that. No matter what you’re diagnosed with and what you have experienced or whatever limitation you place on yourself. 

What a low vibration is, is shaming the fact that you don’t feel good. When you don’t feel good, and you are okay with that because you know it’s only temporary, you are still high vibrational. 

High vibrational means to be content, satisfied, calm at its best. But when you guys try to analyze that “low vibrational feeling”, you’re making it a low vibration by perceiving it as something wrong, which I’m pretty sure is what this person was saying in the video. Emotions are emotions, it’s up to what you think about it.

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1 year ago

I had my own manifestation techniques before I read this, haven’t heard of these techniques yet, I think they’re really powerful! Thanks

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