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There is a lot about Ancient Egypt that they didn’t teach us at school. Everything I will be saying here is proven with facts. At first, not a single mummy has been buried inside a pyramid, they were all buried in tombs around, under and near pyramids. The pyramids were giant power plants. 

The pyramid was fully made out of electrical conductive materials. The tip was made of gold, the outer casing was made of white tufa limestone, which prevented the electricity inside the pyramid from being released without control. The inside was made out of some limestone crystals, which are highly conductive. Electric devices and copper wires were found inside the pyramids. 

They built so much out of gold, but remember, gold did not originate from this planet. Gold is forged inside stars through a process called nuclear fusion, which has been proven impossible for planet earth. They built rooms out of gold, sarcophagi, masks and much more out of it. Where did all their gold come from? Also, the amount of gold never increases on planet earth, even though there are dozens of gold mines, so where is our gold going to?

The pyramids were built with incredible precision, it’s aligned to within 3/60th of a degree of north, a more accurate alignment than any other structure on earth. Plus, the earth’s axis has been shifting slowly, which is called processes, and so it probably was aligned even more precisely to true north in the past when they built it.

It’s estimated that one pyramid was built in approximately 20 years, which means one block had to be placed every 3.5 minutes, every hour, 24/7 which seems impossible, unless someone else built them. Check out Hollow Earth for more about this.

But not only it’s alignment to cardinal points is shocking, it’s placement on the earth is seemingly intentional as well. If you take the pyramid’s location as a coordinate, this number sequence coordinate matches exactly the speed of light travelling through space, measured in meters per second. If you draw a great circle through its cardinal and ordinal points, what you find is that these circles will pass through more landmass of the earth than any other location on earth. Meaning that the great pyramid is essentially located at the center of the world’s land mass.

They didn’t use the inch or meters, but a royal cubit, which is the length of one pyramid block. The interesting thing about this, is that it is exactly 1/25,000,000 of the polar diameter of the earth. Meaning that if you take the distance from the South Pole to the North Pole, and you chop it into 25 million pieces, you get a royal cubit, it’s perfect. 

If you take the length of the Great Pyramid at it’s base from one corner to the other, it translates into 365,242 pyramid cubits which happens to be the earthly year right down to the extra 1/fourth of a day we have extra every year(that’s why we have leap years with 366 days).

The width and length of the pyramid correspond to an exact fraction of both latitude and longitude at the equator.

Scaled up, this means the Great Pyramid directly corresponds to the circumference of the equator as well as the measurement from the equator to the pole, making it a scale model of the Northern Hemisphere. It’s divisible by exactly 43,200, which is a sacred number and equals 9, (4+3+2=9) which has a special meaning like Tesla said. Check out on Tesla’s incredible 369 method

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1 year ago

They knew way more than us

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