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Quantum Entanglement 2022

Quantum entanglement is real!

Einstein is proven WRONG in 2022!

Information CAN travel faster than light!

Everyone has been talking about the Nobel Prize of 2022 that was given to quantum entanglement.  Researchers have just shown how a single atom can be split into its two halves, pulled apart and put back together again. While the word “atom” literally means “indivisible”, the laws of quantum mechanics allow dividing atoms. So what is this phenomenon?

So, let’s say I have a particle

 And I split this particle into two particles. Now we have 2 quantumly entangled particles.

This means that what I do to one particle, the other particle is aware of.
So if I charge one particle with a certain charge, the other particle is going to display the exact opposite charge. When we determine the quantum state of one, we automatically know the state of the other.
But this is where it starts to get more complicated, as it is not only that we don’t know the states of the particle before we measure them, but that their states aren’t determined until we measure them. They can be 7 miles away or seven light years away. It does not matter. The information travels from one particle to the other instantaneously.
Entangled particles are always interconnected and aware of each other’s experiences.

So now we’re going to connect quantum entanglement with the God particle. What is the God particle (Discovered in 2012 at CERN)? It is called the Higgs boson particle , and they call it the God particle because

in order for this particle to exist, there must also exist the Higgs field. So the Higgs boson particle exists everywhere. It is ever present. Wherever there’s mass, there’s the Higgs boson particle. So in order for this particle to exist, it must exist inside the Higgs field, which is basically the substrate of the quantum universe. It is the quantum field which penetrates everything and anything! It acts as the medium for particles to gain mass. Because if it weren’t for this medium, for this quantum substrate of the universe, particles would just be flying at the speed of light and would never, ever stop due to its massless nature. So, because this fabric holds all things together, it simultaneously connects all things together. And this is where we go back to quantum entanglement.

Einstein and physicists still call quantum entanglement spooky action at a distance, and they call it weird and strange, but it’s because they don’t truly understand what it means for the nature of reality.

We have to realize that if you think of the universe as something separate and that things are inherently separate from each other, then seeing two things instantaneously connect and communicate with each other at light-year distances are going to seem odd. So this is when we have to 

redefine what the nature of reality is. We have to realize that there is no such thing as independent, isolated phenomena. Everything is interdependent and interconnected because it is literally all the same thing. We are one energy experiencing itself from different points of view! And the Higgs field is what allows us to realize this without breaking the laws of physics. If energy can be created nor destroyed, only transformed, and everything is interconnected, then what we truly are as energetic beings cannot be separated from this all, nevertheless, destroyed!

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1 year ago

I love these science articles, I like the photos

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